What is a newborn session?

A full Newborn Photo session is slower than my Mini Sessions, this is where I try to persuade your sleeping baby to curl up into gorgeous poses to create some adorable images. I usually start by getting baby sleepy by wrapping them or by using some outfits. I will get to know your baby to see what baby likes and doesn't and will ensure she is happy throughout.

When do newborn sessions happen?

As you may know Newborns change very fast and it's best to capture those curly sleepy early days as soon as possible. Usually within the first 2 weeks is best because much after that babies wake more easily, and become less curly.

When should I book in?

It's best to book as soon as you can after your first scan. This ensures your slot when baby arrives. If you leave it until baby arrives I may not have space to fit you in during busy times. We use your due date to book you in, and schedule your session in when baby arrives, no matter if baby is early or late.

What if my baby cries or doesn’t settle?

Many parents worry ahead of their session that their baby will cry and I won’t be able to get the images they hope for. Your session will be very calm and relaxed, and that includes the baby. As we know all newborns cry sometimes, and if your baby does we will take our time and make sure baby is happy again with feeding, changing or even winding, just as you would at home.
Babies I am posing sometimes squeak a little when moved while asleep, but you don’t need to worry.
If for any reason I feel baby is unhappy with what I am doing, I will stop. No image is more important than babies comfort.

How many images will I get?

This depends on your baby on the day, but usually when you come back for your ordering appointment I will show you between 15 and 30 hand edited images for you to then purchase from.

How long does it take before we can see the photos?

Usually I ask you back within two weeks. However, during busy times this may be a little longer.